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Postergado para el 2021 el 16th International DOCOMOMO Conference 2020


Docomomo Japan and Docomomo International together regrettably came to a decision to postpone the 2020 conference for a year.

The team continues to carefully monitor the situation in order to make a decision in setting a new schedule for the postponed conference. If you already know that you will cancel your participation in 2021, either for the presentation, poster presentation, or attendance at the rescheduled conference, please let us know by 31 May 2020 via email. (mail to:

For the reimbursement procedure, please follow the instructions in the return email to your request for a refund. We will only refund the conference fee to those who individually request a refund.

The reimbursement amount will be the amount you remitted minus the bank transaction fees. Docomomo2020 secretariat will NOT take any handling fee through this procedure. The reimbursement will begin from 1 June 2020 in order of receipt of the requests. The cancellation request MUST be made prior to 31 May 2020 to be eligible for this reimbursement in toto. From this date on, as a basic rule, we will not reimburse your fee providing that we continue to host the event in the year 2021, and the fee you have already paid will be used as your attendance fee in 2021.

For Docomomo2020 Authors:

The deadline for the Full Paper and Poster session remains to be the same:15 June 2020 (12pm(noon)GMT). Please submit your appropriate data to the DropBox setup by your particular session chair. Please contact us if you do not wish to continue to participate in the rescheduled conference.

Publication of the proceedings will also be made in 2021.

If you need to have written proof of publication certification stated before the original schedule date in 2020,Docomomo Japan will issue such statement after the confirmation with your session chair who has been given the desk review of your paper. Please contact us in regard to this matter.(mail to :

In the meantime, Docomomo Japan and Docomomo International appreciatethe solidarity and support you are showing to all of us in getting through these difficult times for the entire world. Please stay close in spirit but keep spatially apart until the right time comes. We’ll meet again in 2021!

April 30, 2020


Written by Claudio Galeno

May 24th, 2020 at 4:03 pm