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Pre event: Women’s architecture and modern heritage / Date: 26/09/2023 11:00 am

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Ana Gabriela Godinho Lima – Professora, Universidade Presibiteriana Mackenzie – CAPES

Carolina Quiroga. Professora UBA – Docomomo Argentina

Bárbara Rozas. PUC

Manola Ogalde. PUC

Javiera Rodríguez. PUC

Valentina Rojas. PUC

Date: 26/09/2023 11:00 am / Date details: Santiago Chile 11:00 hrs (UTC -3)

Image Credits: Bowl Chair by Lina Bo Bardi, 1951? Photo © Arper?


About Women Architects in Latin American Modernity


From a contemporary point of view, it is essential to consider the contribution of women architects in constructing Latin American modernity. From the city’s scale to the object’s scale, women architects produced reflections, projects, and things that marked the paths of Latin American countries and shaped their legacy in common with their male colleagues. On the other hand, it is possible to verify that, having to overcome obstacles imposed solely by their gender, these women built some common paths through which it was possible to develop their professional careers. Therefore, it is fascinating to recognize and discuss what these women architects produced and how these productions became possible.

Image Credits: Delfina Gálvez Bunge over the concrete structure during the House on the River construction (Grete Stern Archives)

The Legacy of Women in Modern Argentinean Architecture


Women, such as Itala Fulvia Villa, Delfina Gálvez or Carmen Cordova, were fundamental in the definition and expansion of modern ideas in Argentina. However, this heritage has often been suppressed or hidden by hegemonic discourses that narrate a version of the past based on the great male architectural masters. Repairing these oversights of the past by illuminating the trajectories of women is one of the important challenges in thinking about a sustainable, diverse and inclusive modern future.

Image Credits: Valdivia City Hall by Angela Schweitzer. In: “Teatro Municipal De Valdivia”. AUCA n.º 32 (Nov,1977): 50.

Women architects in Chile


Women played a significant role in the history of architecture in Chile between the 1920s and 1970s. As patrons, some of them were involved in the early development of avant-garde works of architecture. As painters and sculptors, they participated in the design of innovative buildings and the configuration of public spaces. But women also contributed to the development of modern architecture as professional designers. From the 1930s onwards, pioneer women architects became part of collective studios in Chile, and some of them also tried their luck as independent practitioners. In the following decades, a significant number of women architects also developed their careers in other fields: they became academics, landscape designers, planners, activists, public servants, and politicians. Documenting these diverse forms of female agency in the built environment suggests new ways of understanding the history of architecture and the city.

Bárbara Rozas, Manola Ogalde. “Through the Cracks. Tensions between Historiography of Modern Architecture in Chile and Stories of Women Architects” 

Javiera Rodríguez, Valentina Rojas. “Being a Woman among Men. Hilda Carmona: Professor and Designer”

Written by Claudio Galeno

September 25th, 2023 at 4:08 pm